PLS help decorate/arrange my new living room!

8 years ago
I apologize in advance for this LONG post!

We just moved into our new home last week. The living room is so much bigger than our old one and I really don't know what to do with the extra space, nor how to "decorate" it. It's hard to see in the crummy phone pics, but the walls, fireplace mantle, built ins, and moldings are all painted the same color which is a light tan. There is an awesome 5 window bay to one side.

So dilemma #1 is our couch. It is a smaller sectional (2 seats with a chaise lounge) and is chocolate brown. It's less than 2 yrs old so buying a new one isn't an option. But we could add to it to make it bigger. I talked to the place we bought it from and they still sell it. We originally thought of adding 2 extra seats to extend it but after measuring, that would make it too close to the other wall. We could add 1 more seat and either leave it as an "L" shape or even add more pieces to the one end to make it more of a half box shape. Thoughts?

Dilemma #2: The built ins. I have NO clue what to put in these! Right now there's pictures that use to hang on the walls of our old house. I want to leave some of them in there but was thinking of finding other more decorative pieces to add some color.

Dilemma #3: The extra space behind the couch. We can't push the couch back any more from where it is now because there is a slider for the deck. I was thinking a sofa table on the one wall closest to the entrance to the living area with a wall of picture frames, sayings, etc above it? And maybe a couple storage cubes underneath to add color and a place to hide the little things? I found a dark brown sofa table on clearance and a kit of black frames from Target...but can you put black and brown together?? Or any other ideas of what to do there????

Thanks everyone!!!

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