ideas welcome for my bare, shady front

Randy Ritchie
8 years ago

Hi all-

I've been mostly MIA, after moving our household to another rental house last November. After much clean-up inside and out, it was at least presentable. That is, until I blew out my knee and was sidelined with it elevated for 6 weeks. It's still not right, and will maybe have to have an orthopod take a look-see, but not right now. So, I've got the outside to clean up. Viney plants have begun running across the patio brick patios and walkways, and have to be removed within the week, as my niece is coming for a very quick visit next week; I've not seen her in almost a decade. Then there's the trimming of stuff that's too lanky or bending over from too much height. After that I have to rake/sweep/blow all the leaves off the brick.

Now, the reason for the post. I've got no irrigation/sprinkler system, and am renting. So, watering is a challenge. The entire property is fenced in, board on board fence, very private. The front yard is the current problem. The original lawn area is only dirt, very shady, and suitable for things like broms, ferns, etc., since my assault on removing weeds from the area. So, what I've been doing is thinning out some of the broms and ferns, and putting around my own potted plants, to create islands of plants, to cut down on the bare dirt view. There are tall palms overhead, and a nice mango tree, plus a poinciana providing much shade (needs major trimming/thinning?). Since it's not my home, I'm not wanting to put my plants in the ground here. My previous landlady kept my deposit for supposedly 'stealing' her landscaping! I only took my own plants out, sunken pots and all, to take with me, including what you friends on this site have shared with me in the past at Ricky's swaps. I lost many of them in the move, due to not enough time or not enough of me to keep them watered and re-potted here, while moving and unpacking. Now, I am dividing, starting plants from trimmings, whatever I can, to re-claim the front lawn area into a garden (the potted plants I will be taking with me when I leave here). What I need is plant suggestions that I may already have, for the very dry, shady area, or plants that will multiply fast for me, look good in the shade, and thrive in pots. I've got broms tucked inbetween and under blocks that I sit my own pots on, which will root and help fill in the front yard wasteland. Ideas, peeps?


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