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What is the northernmost ficus you've encountered?

13 years ago

This could include fiddleleaf figs, banyans, rubber ficus and the like. Creeping fig and edible fig are excluded since they're pretty hardy.

Here in Jacksonville I grow ficus decora (rubber ficus) outdoors and it dies to the ground but still survives, and theres a nearby dunkin doughnuts that has a large bush that kept its leaves over winter.

There's a large fiddleleaf fig growing in a breezeway at The Hilltop Club in Orange Park, a large ficus at the Jacksonville Zoo, which I think is a Banyan, and even (what look to be) strangler figs climbing some trees at Ravine Gardens State Park to the sides of the stone stairs into the ravine.

Here's the fiddle leaf fig in Orange Park, which survived numerous nights with lows of 20F this winter. You can see where the branches died back up top!

I'm doing a series of posts on my website detailing how to get the banyan look outside the tropics, and any input you have would be great! I'm just trying to get more examples to show that it is possible with the right protection and planning.

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