A tipFor those that have trouble with armadillos

October 27, 2010

I had mentioned my lack of sleep in a previous thread due to an invasion of armadillos. We have not had any rain in 6 weeks and everything is dry..except my heavily mulched worm filled beds so the cute but destructive lil rooters showed up. Always are a couple around but they caused little damage but now.......they crossed the line.

I would like to take credit for this little tip but it was in fact my neighbor that thought of it. The hard part of armadillo control is that they can show up anytime from dusk to dawn and waiting around for them is brutal. His suggestion was one of those cheap driveway alarms ($13) they sell, the type with the infrared sensor you mount wherever and a receiver you keep in the house. When a car passes it the tone sounds in the house and has a 400 foot range. It works great for dillos also, set it on the ground in the bed and when a dillo approaches the tone goes off you get out of bed and dispatch and go back to bed. It had been going off 2-3 times a night and now last night did not go off at all and this morning for the first morning in weeks no damage at all. Sitting on the ground it only appears to have a range of maybe 5 feet for a dillo size animal which is actually a plus as it avoids a lot of raccoons in the distance or cats. Dillos tend to root up the same spots over and over and in my case only had 4 false alarms in 4 days.

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