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I want to see pictures of everyone's HOYAS!

June 5, 2012

One of my fav things about the forum are the pictures of everyone's hoyas. I dont think I am the only one who thinks this way. So lets have some fun and post our hoya pictures! I will post a few for now and take pics of all of mine today and post more. I have 3 kids including a newborn so it becomes a challenge sometime to find time to do the fun stuff for me!

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  • greedygh0st

    I was seeing the blue question marks, too, for a while, but now I see pictures again. Who knows...

    Always a new wrinkle in the age old picture posting business. ;P

  • cpawl

    I also can not see the photos but if you click the them it will take you to her photo page.

  • amber_m

    i was logged out of pinterest... maybe now that i logged back in???? let me know if it comes back now...

  • cpawl

    Still not showing.

  • Rotareneg

    Here's mine, started a while back from a cutting with a couple leaves:

  • cyclonenat

    Here are mine some NOID ones in there

  • amber_m

    darn it... now i wonder what in the heck is up with my photos!!!

  • golden_ca_2000

    Did you happen to remove One photo or something Amber? Because I think with photo bucket if you remove one photo it screws the whole thing up

  • amber_m

    no i didnt touch any of them... nothing has changed... someone said that if you click on one of the question marks that it takes you to my pinterest page, so i guess until something gets fixed or i figure out whats going on ull have to actually click on it and go to my pinterest page

  • amber_m

    its weird cause i can still see them fine... i wonder if maybe its the browser you guys are using??? what is everyone using??? im using google chrome.

  • jessiec777

    I only have one so far...
    My common hoya carnosa.

    This monster is where mine came from. It is my aunt's plant. I'm not sure how old it is. It flowers every year though. Very happy plant. It's probably about 4 feet tall, but I am sure the vines are much longer than that

  • scsva

    The dark green H. carnosa is my very favorite. Gorgeous plant!

    But everyone has such lovely plants. Way to Grow!


  • greedygh0st

    Great plants, everyone! Jessie, I really enjoyed the way you shared a picture of the mother plant as well as your own.

    Amber, when I was at home last night, I could see your pictures again. But when I am at work, I cannot see them. I don't think it's the browser, as I am looking through google chrome and safari now and it isn't working on either. (It does take you right to the picture if you click on the little broken link icon, though.)

  • cpawl

    Testing out the new function on this forum,Thank you to you ever made the change to allow us to post photos so much easier now.No more having to post to another site first.
    A few of my hoyas.

  • amber_m

    ok im testing too... if this works ill just repost all of my pics that arent showing up... this pic is of three seperate pubicalyxs... two are unknown (one is green and one is speckled) and one is a 'pink silver' that was started from seed. i just have them in this pot like this until they get bigger, then ill seperate them.

  • amber_m

    krimson princess

  • amber_m

    hindu rope

  • amber_m


  • golden_ca_2000

    Very NICE collection you have there Cindy! They all look VERY well cared for :0)

  • cpawl

    Thanks Lynn for the kind words.How are yours growing?With mine out side, and with are crap weather they all have stopped growing.Come on warm weather my hoyas need you.LOL

  • Denise

    Well, that new feature IS kind of nice! Of course, you can only post one at a time, but I like it.

    Alavone, I haven't had a chance to answer your question about the fragrance of autralis ssp. tenuipes - it's a very spicy-sweet fragrance, and when it's full of blooms like that, it smells marvelous in the house! I have a small greenhouse off my kitchen with a sliding door access. It sticks out about 7' from the house and it's 16' long, glass on 3 sides and roof glass. I keep a little over half my Hoyas in there, then the rest grow in windows in the house. I love the "jungle feel", so no matter how big a greenhouse I might have, I'd still want to be surrounded by plants in the house!

    So this photo is of my H. aldrichii which is budding up. It budded up earlier in the spring, but I was fighting aphids and they literally chewed the bud to pieces. I find the only thing other than BATS that really gets rid of them is the alcohol spray, and if you do that to a bud, it just dries up and dies. Anyway, I treated aldrichii (and everything else the buggers seemed to like) with BATS and thank god the hideous things are gone and this will actually open at some point...

    Denise in Omaha

  • cyclonenat

    Hi its Natalie here i was wondering if anyone can tell me what hoya in my first pic on the left is? Or maybe identify the different hoyas as i lost the tags off most cheers

  • Kittee-Bee Berns

    Peduncle!! I think this is a cardosa, any ideas which sort?

  • pirate_girl

    Hi Kittee,

    Nice buds, but they need to be open for an ID, also shots showing the leaves would help.

    FYI: the word is Carnosa, whether that's this ID or not, which I can't tell.

    Hey Denise,

    Interesting, unusual looking buds on your Aldrichi, should be interesting when it opens, must be exciting.

  • pepeuve

    One of my hoyas carnosa

    Here is a link that might be useful: Las hoyas mañaguenas de pepeuve

  • golden_ca_2000

    Cindy, yeah wow you have been growing yours outside in this weather! Remember they are calling it June-uary around here! Mine are coming along pretty good... My H. Acuta had a flower which smelled fantastic! My lacunosa is always flowering and I love that fragrance too! My Shepherdii - is just budding up now... got another shipment in from Thailand - have them potted up in the aquarium! so basically everythings pretty good - just have to have some patiences as you know we are not as lucky as most of the other members to buy ACTUAL plants - lol... Anyways have a great summer! It will come soon - lol
    Everyones Hoyas look phenomenal! keep the photos coming! If I get a chance I will take some tomorrow! Good growing everyone!

  • rennfl

    Here are a couple pics of one of my favorites right now. It is doing pretty well.

    I bought it as cumingiana, but when I posted it's first blooms, there was some doubt about the id. I emailed the lady in Georgia for her opinion, but she gave me two different answers. So for now, I call it cumingiana.

    And two close-ups.


  • goddess9

    Renee, that's definitely H. cummigiana.

  • Aggie2

    Renee, this is great looking cummingiana! My little one from Joni looks like baby sister, only difference just one penducle! ;)

  • Klea

    Wow! What a lovely cumingiana! Makes my own plant look kind of pathetic. :)

    What do you think the flowers smell like - and do you like the scent? My cumingiana is blooming right now too, and I can't say I care much for the way it smells. The flowers are beautiful, though. And I really like the way it grows - with its small leaves crammed tightly together along the vine.

  • rennfl

    Thanks everyone.

    Aggie, I too got this plant from Joni, I think it was three summers ago. It grows fast! Even more than it looks, cause I cut the winter growth off each spring. In winter, I can't give it the light level it wants, so the growth is not as nice. So I cut it off when the plant goes back outside in spring.

    Klea - yeah the fragrance. I hate it. During the day it just smells yucky. At night, the scent changes, and it smells like rotten oranges or old shoes or something musty and rotten. I had it on my back patio yesterday after taking pics, then it sat there overnight. I stepped out there last night - and ohhh not nice.

    Went back out to the back yard at first light this morning.


  • scsva

    OMG! Everyones' hoyas are drop dead gorgeous! Way to Grow!


  • Swentastic

    Hello Hoyaphiles:

    First, beautiful plants - kudos!!

    I bought my first hoya today - KP I think. I was planning to transplant it into a container prettier than the boring green one it came in, but I notice in many (if not all) of these pictures, they've been left in their pots. I understand Hoyas like being kind of root bound - would you recommend I leave it in the plastic pot? Is there an advantage?

    Thanks for the advice!


  • greedygh0st

    Hey Laura:)

    Feel free to repot your new Hoya. It does not need to be root bound. The main issue is that it is important not to overpot Hoyas because then they tend to sit in damp for too long. They need well-draining medium and an appropriately sized pot. If you take it out and it looks pretty pot bound then you can move it up one pot size (no more).

    This is going to sound like it is in direct opposition to the statement above, but people prefer plastic pots because the plants don't dry out as fast and there's less chance of them getting too dry before you check on them again. This is more of a concern if you have a lot of plants and can't be watering them every couple days in the summer. :P

    Congratulations on your new carnosa!

  • Swentastic

    Thanks for the quick response Greedyghost! I can't wait to hang it up in it's new home!

  • pirate_girl

    Since we can see by the Tag that it's an Exotic Angel plant, is the mix soaking wet?

  • OOwl

    I am a brand new hoya lover. I've grown almost everything else but somehow missed out having hoyas until recently (now I have six!). I loved everyone's pictures. Denise, yours are amazing, especially to a newcomer to hoyas! I hope I don't go overboard, but something tells me I'm going to. . . .

    Here's a picture of my brevialta, which has both elongated AND round leaves. I will wait for the bloom to confirm it's really what the label indicates.

  • candycotton

    My mom had this Hoya since I was a little girl, now a grandma...LOL! It has been in the same pot all these years, it was moved from their house to mine and in the process it lost some leaves and had to be cut back. It now has been in my house for 5yrs but only one bloom, boohooo! Faces west window and east sun soooo. If any ideas for bloom please help. Love all the pic of blooms here!

  • meyermike_1micha

    Unbelievable! Fantastic plants!

    Now, guess what one I want, that I am ordering come spring?lol

    Hint....Hi Denise:-)


  • greedygh0st

    What a healthy and exquisite heirloom carnosa - lucky you! :) :) :)

    :( :( :( I know this is the least. fun. answer. ever. and I sound like a broken record, but if its been 5 years and it hasn't bloomed, it probably wants more light. To me, the leaves look quite dark (maybe it's just the picture). They should be the color of young grass or a lime, for really good blooming. In my experience, if it's getting the light it needs, you shouldn't have to wait longer than a year for FULL non-stingy performance.

    So, why isn't it getting enough light when you have it nestled nicely between light sources? I don't know! My mother grows her (currently non-blooming) carnosas right up against west and east windows and the leaves are flat as glass and dark as night. Not all east windows are equal. Some windows just don't get good light, what with trees and buildings and window dressings. I can't figure out what makes her windows so dim compared to mine, but the truth is revealed in the color, shape, and growth pattern of the plant.

    I think a lot of time people go looking for a more complicated solution, like repotting or fertilizer, but carnosa is just not a very fussy Hoya, so I don't think that's the issue, unfortunately. If you're serious about blooms, you're going to fuss around with light exposure.

    But maybe I'm wrong. I'm not the Good Will Hunting of the plant world anything. Good luck, either way! :)

  • cpawl

    My mom has a big carnosa like yours and she was saying it was not blooming for her,so one time when I was visiting her I decided to re pot with new soil and a much smaller pot.Two months after doing this it bloomed.Her hoya only gets a bit of east sun as she lives in a condo on the second floor.Oh by the way she waters all her hoyas that I have given to her on a scheduler and her plants have never been given fertilizer.Every time I go to her home I am amazed that all of her hoyas are blooming.I now try to give her a cutting of my temperamental hoyas because her green thumb is very green.

  • alavoneluvhoya

    Hey Everyone! Its been a long time since I have been on here. I love to see the pictures of the plants. Lets keep this post alive!

  • restoner

    This is kind of a boring picture (no flowers). I keep trying to keep it in place with clips, but it's always trying to get loose. A few of my hoyas are growing a little bit, but tannaensis has grown at least six inches in the last few winter months. Seems like the kudzu of the hoya world, but I love the idea of growing a plant from such an exotic place. Does the stem get thicker over time?

  • Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

    Hello everyone!
    I normally post on the fragrant and plumeria forums but have been lurking here lately. :)
    Here is my Hoya obscura 'Major' that I purchased from Kartuz Greenhouses back in October 2011. It's growing in a gritty mix with Dynamite slow release fertilizer. I occasionally give it some Dyna-Gro Grow. Recently after reading on this forum about Eleanor's VF-11 I ordered some and sprayed the plant with it yesterday.
    Being a fragrance nut I'm hoping to get it to bloom. It's in a south facing window but will go outside in filtered sun when it's warm enough.
    Would love to get any tips on how to get it to bloom...though I fear I just have to wait until the plant gets large enough. The good news is that it's been putting out lots of new growth lately so fingers crossed! :)
    Anyone ever sniff this variety? How does it compare to the regular H. obscura?


  • teisa

    Welcome to the Hoya Forum! That looks like a very healthy and robust plant! I do not grow this variety but as far as Hoyas in general, you seem to be doing everything right to get blooms pretty quickly. Im sure others will give you lots of helpful advice, but I wanted to welcome you to joining our discussions!

  • Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

    Thanks, Teisa!
    This forum has a wealth of information. I love it when people are willing to share their knowledge. I also love this thread! It's so cool to see all the variances in hoya leaves and flowers and to see mature specimens.
    Of course I'm taking notes on the fragrant ones. ;)


  • plantomaniac08

    I have two Hoyas, a H. carnosa 'Krimson Queen' and an H. carnosa 'Chelsea' I've posted a couple photos before of my 'Krimson Queen' on other posts (not trying to beat a dead horse), so here's a photo of 'Chelsea.' I bit my tongue and purchased it for $15 at Lowes, but it was in such great condition and I'd only seen one other one in town that someone ended up purchasing. I would of been sad if this one was purchased too so I picked it up. I ended up dividing it into two 6'' pots and gave half of it to my Mother. I've trimmed it back some and am already seeing new growth. Here's my half:

  • meyermike_1micha

    Oh boy Robert, you are treading in dangerous territory....lololol

    Ok, coming here is how it became that I now owe over 20 Hoya.. I think you are going to be right behind me if you keep coming here:-)

    Great to see you


  • greedygh0st

    @ Planto

    Chelsea is kawaii! I think it blows Pothos out of the water, for brown-thumb friends who want some decorative looking greenery.

  • tlbean2004

    candycotton Wow! that is gorgeous! Are you still around? How is that monster doing nowadays?

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