July 12: Natl. Cuttings Day

July 13, 2010

Just as I was beginning to fear the worst, my cuttings from Thailand (AG) arrived. Technically, they arrived over the weekend, but I was in Minneapolis, so I didn't get them until Monday. That made 19 days in a box, which I know isn't breaking any records around here, but it did freak me out!

FYI: I got psyched out by the text on their website saying small packages sometimes arrive faster via the "slow" method and ignored all advice posted here to use the fast method and request sphagnum baggies. I didn't make any special packing requests. Next time I'd go with the faster method though - I think I just lucked out this time

This is how they looked when they arrived. They are soaking in some sort of water-vodka-sugar-epsom salt-superthrive cocktail I was trying out.

Here they are after 26 hours. (I didn't think they needed that long, but I was either sleeping or working the rest of the time)

blasternaezii, cumingiana, caudata, ariadna, erythrostemma (pink)

Note: They sent 3 stems of the erythrostemma :)

archboldiana (pink), nicholsoniae, lobbii 2, imperialis (red), waymaniae (long leaf)

There were a few peduncles in this batch. :) I think they look pretty good for 19 days. There are a couple I'm worried about but I'm optimistic.

Genuinely arriving on Monday (but to me arriving at the same time) was my order from Hawaii (TG) and was it ever great! As always, they were in robust health although megalantha & paulshirleyi looked a little peaky. There were peduncles on almost every one. I've pointed most of them out if you cursor over the images on Flickr. Sooooo happy. I'm starting to think looking at hoyas makes my brain light up the way other peoples' light up when they look at... money or... drugs... or... topless models. If they held a hoya conference in Vegas, I'd probably end up married.

patella, paulshirleyi, paziae

burtoniae, pallilimba, inconspicua

pimenteliana, megalantha, pubera, sigillatis

Thanks for bearing with all my sharing!

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