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Survey -- How long did it take you to attract hummers?

13 years ago

I have spoken to some that stated a few days after putting out a feeder the hummingbirds were there. I have heard from others that it takes years. How long did it take you to attract hummingbirds for the first time on a regular basis?

I have had a large amount of perennials for years! Perhaps I need some more early spring perennials that hummingbirds like, but I have plenty of their favorites open now. I have had feeders out all last year from June to October and again from late March to now this year. Fresh nectar every two or three days. Used to have 1 to 4 ratio, now I am trying 1 to 3.

They have sporatically been in my yard this year, though not enough to drop my feeder levels. I can sit and watch for hours at peak times, but they only come to the feeders once.

What has been your experience? A few days? Years?



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