I saw it with my own eyes!

15 years ago

I have read before about praying mantis catching Hummers.

Today I walked past my window and looked out to see a large bright green mantis sitting beside one of my feeders.

This feeder has several regular hummer visitors so I sat down and watched, not really expecting anything to happen. Within 2 minutes, a hummer came in, hovered around for a few seconds and then hovered up to the feeder for a drink. The mantis struck out grabbing the bird by the tail feathers, the bird was chirping loudly and thrashing its wings but the mantis held tight. I panicked myself, and ran out side to help my feathered friend, using the earpiece of my glasses I tried to seperate them and finally most of the birds tail feathers pulled out and she flew off leaving the mantis with a handful of small tail feathers. I took the feathers away from the mantis and moved it far away from the house. I have been watching now for about an hour and have seen several hummers come to feed, but I havent seen one missing its tailfeathers. I wonder how long their memory is and will she ever come back.?

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