Limelight showing no signs of blooming yet

12 years ago

Hi all -

Last year I planted a Limelight which did fantastically well - I think I planted it in early August, and it just kept going right through September.

This year it has probably quadrupled in size and looks very healthy but... no signs of flowers yet. Nada. Not so much as a hint of a bud. Is it simply too early for it to be showing signs? (the ones around here bloom july/august, I believe)

Does it need more than the general fertilizer I'm giving it? It gets plenty of sun, is well mulched and, as I say, looks absurdly healthy. Just want to keep it happy and hopefully repeat the spectacular display it gave us last year!

Similarly, I got a Nikko at Lowes this year. It had one bloom on it when I got it (maybe a month ago). I've planted it where it gets more afternoon than morning sun (the only place it could go - not ideal, but I thought for $13 it was worth trying!), but it only gets a couple of hours - it doesn't seem to be burning so far. But it's also showing no signs of further buds other than the one which was growing when I bought it.

If it's any clue, I have two monarda (also planted last year) which are also swathes of (TALL)foliage and no flowers. I keep wondering if it's somethign to do with the cool, VERY wet spring (and we're still way above normal rainfall this year, even though temperatures are now at normal heat levels)?

Thanks for any ideas!

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