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All fish constantly at the bottom of the pond

July 30, 2008

Does anyone have any idea to why my fish have suddenly all started to stay at the bottom of the pond and the fish arent swimming around at all there just still all the time.

Comments (6)

  • lylesgardens

    heat, predators maybe? a cat can sure scare the koi out of sight literally.


  • kevip711

    I agree with the other post.. my fish do the same as our temps are 100 degrees everyday.. plus fish get spooked by predators too.. I wouldnt worry to much.. maybe put up a net? My koi come up and welcome me everyday about 7pm as the temps are down and they are ready to eat...

  • tyco

    Do you have a lot of debri on the bottom of the pond? You may have to clean it out. Can make toxins. Did you check your water?

  • sleeplessinftwayne

    I know it has been a while since this was posted but I am just going to horn in. Do you have some new shrubs or trees near the pond? They could be casting shadows that cause the fish to think there is a predator. Or there could actually be a predator such as a heron that keeps them on guard. Have you found out what was wrong? Sandy

  • buyorsell888

    Scared by a heron or raccoon or just feeling too exposed. Fish like plant cover...

  • lnannie1116_version_net

    My largest Koi stays on the bottom and hasn't eat Is there something wrong with her?

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