Eating raw peas -- never thought of it.....

14 years ago

Before coming here to gardenweb, I'd never thought of eating raw peas right out of the garden. Ok, maybe not right out of it, but just after washing them. Ok, maybe not after washing, but during washing, but I'm getting off track here.

Then, I read something about eating raw peas from the garden -- they are so sweet -- yum, yum -- all that kind of business. I laughed at it to myself -- who'd eat raw peas?!

Last night, while washing a few of the sugar snap peas that I harvested, I decided to give it a go. What they hey -- if it tastes bad, I can always spit it out in the sink. Needless to say, they not only didn't taste bad, but they tasted really good! And yes, they were sweet -- I've never had peas taste like this before! I called the kids over -- "hey, who wants to try a pea?" All three said yes. They all loved them fresh and raw -- even the two year old. She came running back and with her mouth open going "Ahhh". This was her simple way of saying "GIVE ME MORE!"

Now I regret that I planted my peas at the end of May instead of mid-March when they would have produced so much better. I'm kind of hoping we get some good heat which would kill off the rest of the pea plants that aren't dead yet so that I can rip them out and put new ones down in late August. That way, I can harvest again in the fall!


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