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anyone know of a source of bambara bean?

15 years ago

These are in the vinga family but grow like peanuts under the ground. Apparently they are not grown in the US, as I can not find a seed source. The like it hot. They take 90-180 days to mature. Most types fall in the 130-150 day range. They have been experimenting on these in Florida.

I think the problem may be day length requirements, and soil types. They like a loose sandy soil and can't stand it damp or humid. And the long season that they require, would also limit where they can be grown. Even varieties from one country in Africa will not grow in a different country in Africa.

Even so, I would like to give them a try.

I have a limited diet due to food allergies. So anything I can add to my diet is good. I tend to loose weight when I get bored of the only few things I can tolerate. This is the reason I began to garden. I can grow things that are not available in the stores, like fresh wax beans, cowpeas, peanuts, and limas.

latin name = Vigna subterranea

other common names are:

bambara groundnut

Congo goober

earth pea

baffin pea

Njugo bean (South Africa)

Madagascar groundnut

ground bean

earth bean

earth nut

This is an African plant, not the American groundnut or American hog peanut.

I met someone a few days ago, that is from zambia. His family farms. They grow mangos, paw paw, guava, tomatoes... I can't remember all that he said. I thought maybe I could ask him if his parents could locate some seeds of bambara groundnut. Sending seeds internationally is getting tough now though.

He says it is hotter here than in zambia. I need to move there!

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