Weeding Cart

10 years ago

I could put this in the Toolshed section, but since all that gets talked about there is motorized stuff with engine trouble, I'll put this here.

I cut up some bike frames (from the dump) and welded them back together with a bit of pipe (from the dump), then attached them to some plywood (from the dump) and cut holes for working downward.


The conduit (from the dump, bent with a conduit bender I found at the dump) arch will be augmented with more framing to carry the umbrella. The pad is very important for ankle comfort. It's just a couple thin foam camping pads in a sewn up cordura cover.


Here you can see the cutouts for arms and face without the pads.


Here's the bottom bracing. The other wood is just 1 x 3 strapping.


Here you can see the simple angle brackets and small nuts and bolts that hold the plywood to the bike frames, plus struts made from more half inch conduit with the ends hammered flat, drilled, and bent over.

I set it up for rows 3' on center. I could probably have done it with no welding. I could have bolted through the tubes instead. And while this one is a good height for weeding, I may need to make a second one with a taller platform for picking beans.


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