I've Lost my Mind (what's left of it)

12 years ago

Last weekend it rained so I got all my pictures sorted and named and in files. My "photo holding" file was finally empty. Yesterday it was bright but hazy. It was PERFECT picture taking conditions. I could not stop and ended up taking 495 new pictures. I am not going to show you all of them so you can be thankful for that!

The first is a panorama to get a sense of how the different areas of the garden relate to each other. I think you can see on the right side where the dirt road ends and the driveway begins. The far right side use to be only daylilies and things I felt needed sun. Last year I put about 25 hostas there and they've done well. As you drive in and turn the corner you face my tiny lawn. I've posted many pictures from here. Through the arbour is the front door and over the wall is the very shaded courtyard. We spend a lot of time here and eat dinner here through the heat of the summer since this is on the east side.

The rest of the pictures are a mix of individual plants and groups. Hope you like them. McT

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