source for copper tape to prevent slugs?

14 years ago

i have spent tonight researching slug deterrents. i am determined to save my hostas and centaurea this year. turns out there are many options, but i just do not have the temperament to use any products that must be refreshed or replaced during the season.collars of builder's sand or lime might be a one-season solution but i think copper tape would be more permanent.(years ago, before i discovered GW, i made, mistakenly, 100 collars of ALUMINUM , not copper, sheeting, so i can just afix the copper tape to these existing collars) SO, i think i've settled on copper tape. i've found web sources but didn't know if any GW person knows of a greater- boston- area- vendor? Safer makes a product called Slug and Snail Copper tape, and i may just start calling all the garden centers around,and then plumbing supplies vendors, but i thought i'd ask you resourceful GW people first.

thanks much, mindy

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