Favorite Garden Centers and Nurseries (2006)

14 years ago

Last year we had a fun thread on people's favorite nurseries and garden centers in New England. A lot of people contributed opinions and ideas! So I didn't want to lose all this great information. So this winter and spring I have been compiling all the comments into a PDF document. I have just finished it - at last!!!

So I have posted it here in PDF form. Let me know what you guys think. Any additions or corrections in the document? Any that have gone out of business? We have few postings from Maine may be because they have their own forum. Any ones for Maine to include? If you have other ones to include please email me (put Gardenweb Favorites in subj) or post them in this thread. Note in a few cases where incomplete info was provided or for informal roadside stands I excluded this from the document. To protect privacy, no user names were put in the document. Some of the sites have no comments since people didn't elaborate. If you see one with an empty comment, please post here with your experiences at that nursery.

Here's the orginal thread that started this project: (Please do not post in this thread. Post here instead).


Here is a link that might be useful: Favorite Nurseries PDF Document

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