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moving to 108 mile ranch b.c

March 14, 2010

Hi, next spring(2011) my wife and I are moving to 108 Mile Ranch from near Vancouver and have heard that gardening is somewhat challenging. We would be grateful for any advice regarding what will survive the harsh climate there. We understand that temps can be as low as minus 30 or 40, not quite what we are used to. We would love to have flowering shrubs, spring bulbs and as many perrenials as possible. Our garden is full of lovely plants but I am not so sure that many of them would survive. Any helpful ideas would be great, I am trying to find out the hardiness of some of our plants but we have so many varieties. I tried speaking with a member of the 100 Mile House gardening club over the phone but that did not work out so well. Heres hoping, Robbyroos.

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  • xaroline

    There are challenges in a zone 3, but there are many plants which do grow well in zone 3. For example: you would have to put great effort into trying to grow tea roses (some people do) but the Explorer, Morden and Parkland roses do
    grow in zone 3. Fall bulbs for spring flowers do very well here.
    Many perennials too.

  • correnta

    I may be able to help with questions re gardening in the 108 Mile Ranch. I've been gardening in this area (as we live here on the 108 and are lucky to have one of the large lots 16 acres) I think you will be amazed at the Variety of plants that will grow here. You will have to check out the zones of your different plants. In the 30 years we have been gardening here the winters have gotten less harsh, and each property seems to have "micro-climates" so you can sometimes push the zones. So I'll be as helpful as I can with your questions.

  • sandra_a

    I would like to know if I can grow a dogwood tree in 100 mile house

  • Chic Grinyer (Zone 3)

    The Red Osier Dogwood grows well in 100 Mile House The typical Dogwood with the white flowers I doubt very much. When we moved here 35 years ago the zone was considered 2B I feel with global warming we are now a Zone 3 plus! We haven't had -40 for a good few years now. Chic

  • ictazzie

    Just bought 40 in lone butte trying.to figure out if maple trees.will grow or rhododendron etc is there a great garden shop in 100 mile to get advise ? Thanks in advance

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