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Anyone grow Boonie Peppers from Guam?

14 years ago

For 3 years I have been trying to grow boonies for my husband's finedeni.

First I tried commercial trays in the garage in summer in AZ. Ambient temp about 98F. I experimented with watering, some were kept moist, some allowed to dry between water. 3 months, no sprouts.

Also tried on a heating pad in the kitchen later that year.Several months went by but still nothing. I tried covering some with a plastic tent, but a mold/mildew grew so I threw them out. The uncovered ones did not grow anything.

In all cases seeds were just barely covered.

Subsequent attemepts have been pretty similiar but with fresher seeds. Still nothing.

What am I doing wrong? They grow wild in Guam, how can it be this hard?! Aaargh!

What can I do to improve germination? Has anyone else had any success with these peppers? I am open to suggestions!

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