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Cottage Farms - QVC be careful

16 years ago


I have purchased (2006)several collections of lily bulbs from QVC's vendor Cottage Farms - not a one of them grew. Did not even sprout. I called in 2007 and they sent me a replacement for all of them. The replacement bulbs were DOA - not a one grew. The bulbs are not top quality.

I also ordered bulbs from QVC's other vendor Roberta's. All of these bulbs were large healthy bulbs and each one grew the first year and all came back in 2007.

I was new to bulb growing but I can read and followed the instructions exactly still the Cottage Farms bulbs did not grow.

I visited my local garden center this past fall and was able to see what a top quality bulb really looks like. The Roberta's bulbs were good but the bulbs I was able to purchase locally were 10X better.

Just a FYI here. The price QVC gives you may be higher and the quality lower than you can get locally.


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