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free wiri wiri seeds for all

13 years ago

Hello everyone!

My name is Kevin i live in Orlando Florida..I've been lingering around gardenweb like a creep for about 6months now without making any posts and i figured its time i became an active part of the pepper enthusiast community!

I have some good news for everyone! i just went to a Caribbean farmers market and bought about 5 pounds of genuine wiri wiri peppers fresh off the boat from Guyana South America...I must say these peppers are very delicious and super hot and make the best tasting pepper sauce you can imagine! i bought a bunch and removed, washed, and dried the seeds of about 30 peppers before the smell got too anyone who wants seeds can have seeds just send a SASE and I'd be happy to send these seeds to you...I know that the Wiri pepper is one of the hardest to grow because the seeds are so small and rarely reach maturity but i tested these out and out of 10 seeds i put into a damp paper towel, 7 sprouted within 3 days! i know i can't believe it either!..anyways i am looking to give them away and make some friends here but any type of seed you feel like sending me would be appreciated!

I have been growing peppers since i was 16 and i am 23 now so i have tons of knowledge already about growing but i learn something new every time i visit the gardenweb forums!

I have about 10 strains of pepper growing in my garden right now and i will take pics soon to share with you all..but until then let me know if u want OFFICIAL LARGE CHERRY WIRI WIRI PEPPER SEEDS!!! oh and yes I am Guyanese, lol.

Just a fyi...i have found that miracle grow orchid mix soil is the best for starting seedlings, its very coarse and airy and allows the roots to grow fast and freely...just have to water a little more often than usual..

Here are some pics of the WIRI...this pepper sells for $10/pound because it is so delicious and literally smells like guava when you first cut it open but don't let the smell deceive you...its a fireball!!!

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