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Yellow Shrub Rose Suggestions...Please help.

April 17, 2005

Hello everyone. I'm in need of help in picking a yellow shrub rose. The requirements I would like it to have are as follows with #1 being the most important and so on:

1. Disease and blackspot resistant - CAREFREE (will not spray)

2. prolific bloomer

3. Large size that will be in full afternoon upstate SC blazing hot sun

Please make your suggestions. I have been looking at Perle d'Or, Mrs. Dudley Cross, Graham Thomas, Danae, and Mermaid.

Also I should mention that space is something I have quite a lot of. This rose will be planted in a spot that a 20' leyland cypress used to occupy. However, the cypress was growing into our home (too close). I think something that will get between 10 to 12' should be a good size. Again, though I want a shrub rose not a climber that I will have to train. Is that possible?

Comments (8)

  • JAYK

    You might add Yellow Wings to your list.

  • patsy_b

    Carefree Sunshine has been carefree for me. While many of my roses have been troubled with blackspot she has not.
    Beautiful yellow single blooms all summer long.


  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    Carefree Sunshine, Baby Love, Mrs. Dudley Cross, or Autumn Sunset grown as a shrub. Mermaid is great if you have 40 acres for her to ramble over. To much (dangerous!) pruning maintainence to keep her as a shrub. Perle d'Or is great, but it's not really yellow. More of a peachy color, and pinker in hot weather.

  • collinw

    Baby Love is nice if you like singles. I never spray anything, ever.

    Mermaid is great but it gets huge and the thorns are really wicked. Climbs to 20 feet if you let it.

  • michaelg

    Graham Thomas will defoliate from black spot. Mermaid is for a 40' run of fence.

    Carefree Sunshine is very resistant and blooms like crazy. I don't know if it would reach 10', maybe with a tripod support. You might need to keep the hips clipped off to promote strong growth, as it sets a lot of large fruits, but this is a minor chore. It is an attractive leafy plant.

    Mrs. Dudley might reach 8' (HollySprings?) and should be good for you, but I don't grow the old teas myself.

    Baby Love is one of those yellow roses that can be totally resistant or can totally defoliate depending on what strains of black spot are around. Another one like that, and a showier yellow shrub, is Flutterbye.

  • roseleaf

    Morning Has Broken has what youÂre looking for. IÂve had few for 3 years and theyÂre trouble free and bloom a lots. They may be found in your neck of the woods Roses Unlimited or Heirloom Roses. On a second thought, Roses Unlimited may be out of MHB by now.

  • BriansMama

    How about Honey Perfume? Maybe it's not big enough, but I'm a couple of zones colder than you, so I'm not sure how big it would get for you.

    Not a speck of blackspot on mine last year. And I don't spray either.


  • jillca

    I got Golden Wings this year. Not only is it wonderfully fragrant, but the stamens are beautiful even after the petals have fallen off.


    Here is a link that might be useful:

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