My First harvest of pusa jwala and sannam

12 years ago

Eventhough late, I got about 2 Lbs (approx) harvest of my Pusa Jwala and Sannam hot Peppers. Pusa and sannam both pack a wallop in terms of Heat (I was afraid that they would lose heat due to almost absence of summer)in Michigan this year.

I am going to plant the same next year along with Naga/Bhuts.

See the pictures of my late grown beauties.


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  • ottawapepper
    12 years ago


    IÂm not familiar with the varieties, any more info? Is it traditional to pick them green? Do the eventually ripen red?


  • notrod
    12 years ago


    You got a pretty good harvest. I got about 20-25 off of the plants you gave me. There were lots more small ones though. I was hoping to get a ripe one, but I picked them before the frost last week. I even cut one up with my jalapenos when I made my salsa. I like the heat. Hopefully I can get some of the seeds to sprout next season.

  • reyna1
    12 years ago

    interesting, i've never seen peppers grow into that interesting pattern :P

  • sandpebbles
    12 years ago

    i agree, great looking harvest. can't tell them apart, which are the sannam peppers. i would love seeds.

  • nagajolokia
    Original Author
    12 years ago


    Guntur Sanman Chillies
    Guntur Sanman Chillies are cultivated in Guntur , Warangal , Khamman district of Andra Pradesh. The Guntur chillies are long with thick red skin with very high pungency. The best times to harvest these chillies are from December to May.

    Jwala Chillies
    The most popular form of chilli in India , Jwala, is long, slender with when unripe has green color and turns to red in ripe stage. Jwala means "Volcano" in Hindi and are extremely pungent. Jwala is found in Kheda and Mehsana in Gujarat .

    I have powder of this Kanthari chili peppers. It is extremely hot.

    Kanthari Chillies
    The Kanthari chillies are grown in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They are small, ivory white in color. They are extremely pungent.

    All over north west or south India, Green chili peppers are used on daily basis in cooking along with Red chili powder and red chilki whole.

    I had to harvest green because they refused to turn red due to low temperatures. I was afraid that they would get affected by further cold so I harvested them. I plan to deep freez them today.

    You would love them once you taste them.
    I have a very good stock of seeds to last me a life time and can gladly share with any interested grower.
    Condition is, I should get a little portion of harvest.



    I too had insipid pickle of locally grown Jalepenos. I threw in pieces of sannam (just two pods and that too not ripe). Now the pickle is very biting and I love the changed smell of it.

    Planning to pickle some in brine or vinegar. Mostly a combo .

    Will give you seeds for next season.



    I have sannams in larger size and Pusa Jwala in thin size. Planning to take seperate snaps today and post for your benefit.



    Yes, I could not resist the temptetion to put in my initials . Narcissistic eh? LOL


  • sandpebbles
    12 years ago

    thanks for the pic NJA. ristras maybe good. the sannam reminds me of some sort of cayenne pepper. i suppose they're more pungent as you said. they look yummy. nice!

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