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Some roses

13 years ago

Deep Secret

Wedding Cake







Thank you.


Comments (11)

  • mashamcl
    13 years ago

    Beautiful roses, Lana. I love your Wedding Cake and Deep Secret!

  • newyorkrita
    13 years ago

    I absolutely love, love, love Broceliande. I just can not believe how beautiful it is.

    All of your pictures are wonderful. I never heard of Wedding Cake but I really like what I see.

  • serenasyh
    13 years ago

    Beautiful roses, Lana! I love their deep, striking colors and contrasts!

  • katefisher
    13 years ago

    Lana my gosh. Those were really, really pretty. What a nice variety of all very different roses there also. I enjoyed them all. I was most covetous though of your Wedding Cake. I've been trying to find one for a while now. Out of Stock at Rogue Valley Roses and I'm not sure where else to try. The hunt continues:)

    Thanks for sharing those.


  • snowheather
    13 years ago

    Those really are SOME ROSES! I always love your pictures and can't believe some of the unusual varieties you grow so well! That Broceliande is so striking, and I have seen that odd Wedding Cake pictured before but not as nicely. And, you are so talented at growing florist roses. I had Spicy. If it had ever looked like that, it wouldn't have had a date with Mr. Shovel!

  • ramblinrosez7b
    13 years ago

    Lana, your roses are so pretty. I love them all. Your clematis is beautiful too, how old is it?

  • dana5a
    13 years ago

    I have been enjoying the pictures of your roses and have been adding names to my wish list.I don't see a link to send e-mail on your members page.How can I communicate privately with you?

  • markiz37
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thank you, everyone.
    Dana, here is my e-mail:, but be aware that my English is not that good and my husband is not always around to help me with my writing.

  • susz52
    13 years ago

    Remarkable roses and garden in any language. I covet them all but Broceliande (sp?] is more special. I wonder if I will be able to find it? Adding furiously to my Wish List.

  • texaslynn
    13 years ago

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful roses! I really liked the Wedding Cake rose the best!


  • canadian_rose
    13 years ago

    Droool ... those are strikingly beautiful!!!

    When the post opened on Deep Secret, my eyes just popped open as wide as can be!!!

    Wedding cake looks phenomenal!!! What a great looking rose!!

    Scentimental looks so nice - I tried to grow it once, but it didn't overwinter here. I would love to be able to grow that rose - and yours looks so balanced and lovely!

    Spicy - it looks like it would smell like pumpkin pie!! Very, very lovely!!

    That was a treat!