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NEW: 2014 Tomato and Pepper Seed Swap

Do you have an abundance of tomato and/or pepper seeds you would like to share?
Welcome to the 2014 Tomato and Pepper Seed Swap!


Named varieties only. No mixes or unknown seeds.
Do not send seeds collected from a hybrid plant. F1 seeds only if hybrid.
Minimum 10 seeds per pack.
Maximum 5 packs of the same variety.
Maximum 50 packs per person. Any seed after this amount will be considered bonuses. Bonuses are welcomed.
Please label bonuses.
Indicate on packs whether pepper seeds are hot or sweet.
You will receive back a mixture of tomato and pepper seeds unless you include a note indicating your preference.
Include return address label, return postage and your wish list in your bubble envelope.
Deadline for seeds to be received is January 25, 2014. I will have them returned to you by Feb. 1.

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