Mass planting of Livin' Easy

14 years ago

I have a bed with 8 Livin' easy right on the front lawn and of all my roses, this is the bed that everyone gravitates to. A mass of shimmering orange and constantly in bloom, it is striking and a traffic stopper. For some reason, people (or should I say, non-gardeners) find orange roses fascinating and when they see a profusion of rich orange blooms, they stop right there! They walk past my Austins, Eden, Rugosas and other favourites, but they all stop and stare at the Livin' easy bed! A great rose and everyone should have it. It rivals Knockout in blooming power, vigor and disease resistance. I had to cut them back 75% in spring, but they are easily 5 ft now. Tall, upright and bushy in habiy, the glossy, deep green foliage sets off the rich orange blooms. Has a mild scent, but with so many blooms, there is a wafting scent around the bed. (unlike KO or carefree wonder which have no detectable scent, no matter how many hundreds of blooms they have). Well, to make a long story short, everyone needs to have this rose! (in multiples) :-)

It is not a cutting rose, though. Very short stems on extremely thorny canes. Pics from this spring. They are much taller now...


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