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NEW: Incredible Heirlooms Totally Tomatoes February Sig

11 years ago

NEW: Incredible Heirlooms Totally Tomatoes February Sign Up

Welcome to the Heirlooms Totally Tomatoes Swap! This swap is replacing Christy�s swap. I make NO promises to duplicate Christy�s amazing ability to find so many of your wants, but I�ll do my best to make the swap a success.

Sign up deadline is February 8th. Seeds must be received by February 25th. (cut and pasted from last year�s swap because I loved the rules!)

All are welcome! Oldies and Newbies!

Of course, this is a swap of tomato seeds only. Please send only tomato seeds that are heirlooms and/or OP's, NO hybrids.

This will be a mass swap, where everyone will send in all their seeds to me and will sort and then resend.

Please send your seeds in a BUBBLE MAILER! You do not need to send an extra envelope. I will reuse the envelope that you sent your seeds in!

In the envelope, please include:

1. Your seeds of course

2. A label with your address on it for me to put on your return envelope

3. Enough postage to get your package back to you.

4. A list of all the seeds you are GIVING. You may also send a list of some of your wants or preference of types of tomato seeds you would like back. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT YOU WILL RECIEVE YOUR REQUESTS! Although, I will work hard to give you what I can. The success of this swap depends on what is sent in.


~generally 12-15 seeds per packet, but lower amounts will be accepted

Also, feel free to add any bulk seed or any seed that would be considered extras to donate to the swap. Just mark which ones are extras to go into the pot.

~ Please send seeds that are no more then 3 years old.

~ On your packet labels, please include the following info:

1. Tomato Variety Name

2. Whether they are commercial or if they were hand collected

3. Your GW Name (So you don�t receive your own seeds!)

~ I will try to divvy up seeds fairly. The more variety you send, the more variety you will get back. The more interesting your seeds are, the more interesting the seeds returned, if possible.

~5 packs of the same type maximum.

~ Seeds need to be received by February 25th.

~ Returned seeds will be mailed February 28th.

This has been a great swap for the past two years and I hope to continue the success. Please come and join in the fun!

Any questions, just ask!

Happy Gardening �

Deb (austinnhanasmom)

follow-ups should come to me email, but please PM me if I don't respond to your post.

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