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Visit to a Sans collection in Thailand

14 years ago

Last week I had welcomed two visitors from USA, Steve Hoppin: the president of

the Cryptanthus Society and Dr Larry Giroux: the editor of Cryptanthus Society Journal

While we were at east coast of Thailand, visiting to Bromeliad nurseries

we found an interesting Sans collection of Mr Bunlue,

the president of the Thai Sansevieria Club.

Bunlue and his wife, Supakorn with their fine Bromeliads collection.


Bunlue with his variegated Sans. 'Samurai' which was mutated in his house.


Sans. downsii which was variegated from leaf cutting in his house too.

One of Bunlue's hybrids.

Steve & Dr Larry were interested in nice Sans.


Dr Larry with one of the best Bunlue's mutant.



My friends enjoyed with his great collections.

Some nice 'Robusta' complex.

But I really love this one, I guess a variety of 'Baseball Bat'

which has very smooth and glossy leaf.


Hope you will enjoyed my trip.


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