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List of Shade Plants and Flowers

19 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking for shade plants here at this forum and I have found many to choose from, only I couldn't find where to buy them. I didn't want to get one plant here then one plant there because the shipping would be too high. So I've found four sources where I could fine almost all of the plants and flowers I like on the internet. You probably already know this but I thought I would share anyway.
I've dealt with two of these companies already and they are reputable (MichiganBlub and SpringHill).I'm not sure about the other two. Maybe someone at this forum has dealt with them and would let me know.

I made a wish-list of plants/flowers for my mostly shade garden beds that I'm preparing now.
I noted if it's other than partshade/shade also where to buy,their height and when they bloom since I just can't remember all that information.

Hope this is helpful to others.

Flowers/Plants for shade/part shade
(all are part to full shade unless noted)
(sun to shade=S-SH)
(full shade=FS)
(for company SpringHillNursery=(sh),MichiganBulb=(mb),PlantDelights=(pd),BigDipperFarm=(bd)
(for height,inch=in,foot=ft)

1-Astilbe~ (sh)(bd)(mb)20-40 in early-mid summer
2-Bleeding Hearts (sh)(bd)(mb)to 3 ft spring
3-Bugbane(cimicifuga/japonica)(bd) FS 4-6 ft late summer
4-Barrenwort(bd)ground cover9 in S-SH
5-Balloonflower S-SH (sh)18-24 in summer
6-Butterfly Bush S-SH (sh)(pd)6-8 ft mid summer-fall
7-Coleus annual 1-3 ft
8-Cyclamen(sh)(bd)4-6 in late summer-fall
9-Elephant Ears (sh)(mb)S-SH 3-6 ft
10-Foamflower (bd)(mb) 12 in mid spring
11-Fairy Lilies (mb)14 in summer
12-Ferns~FS (sh)(bd)(mb)(pd)
13-Hardy geraniums (mb)S-SH 12-18 in early summer
15-Hydrangea (sh)(bd)(mb)3-6 ft summer
16-Hellebore(sh)(bd)15-18 in late winter to spring
17-Lilly of the Valley(sp)(bd)(mb)6-12 in spring
18-Lugwort/Bethlehem sage(pulmonaria)(mb)(bd)FS 12 in ground cover 10-18 in early spring
19-Ligularia (bd)(mb)(pd) 3 ft mid-late summer
20-Pink Sundrops (mb)12-18 in spring
21-Sedium Creeping Red (mb) summer
22-Toad Lily S-SH(sh)(bd)18-24 in late summer to fall
23-Viola(bd)spring-summer pansy family

SpringHill and MichiganBulb have more shade flowers available.

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