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Duranta Repens (Sky Flower) Questions??

18 years ago

Howdy all, I just started gardening this year after a lapse of 30 or so years. Because of my herd of Giant Dogs (who tell me that all they do is look at the plants and those whimps damage themselves from fear!!!!) and lack of time to prepare beds befor starting in June all plants are currently in many, many pots and doing very well for the most part. I purchased a Duranta repens (blue) that was in a 1 gallon pot, about 18" tall. I repotted into a 14" pot and it has grown one(1) 5' stem since early June and several shorter ones about 18". It now seems to be sending up another "shoot" that looks like it will grow like the tall one. The tall one is pretty skinny but has branches coming off all the way up and blooming. It is in full sun most of day near pool but needs support to keep tall stalk upright. Is this normal or does it need a larger pot? I know nothing about its growth pattern or even what it is supposed to look like. It will be no problem for me to repot it into a much larger pot. I do have one waiting for it ..24". I was wanting to wait to repot until I got the greenhouse up but it looks like we might have a bit more time before things go inside. Can this be overwintered in greenhouse with bananas or does it need a winter rest? thanks for any help you can give. Zone 8a

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  • Pterostyrax
    18 years ago

    It needs to be overwintered if you want the aboveground stems to put out foliage and flowers next year. It is aboveground hardy only in zones 9 or greater.

  • leafylea
    18 years ago

    Hello Geekgranny from Southeast QLD,Australia.We grow lots of lovely Durantas.When I saw your note, I thought maybe I
    could help but your climate must be colder than us.We have
    had several frosts this year,but not severe + the durantas
    dont mind here.My books say we are the same zones? but I
    think they probably mucked it up.We must be the same as your zone 9 judging by the followup posting to you.Where
    is that?Durantas are great,we have a hedge of 'geisha girl'
    has beautiful perfume.Happy gardening.!

  • geekgranny
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    Thanks Pterostyrax, I'll put it in the greenhouse for winter. I chopped off the tall "stalk"... ouch. It looks pretty funny. Also replanted into a larger pot.
    leafylea, The one I have is pretty, or was until I chopped off the top. I'm going to do some other pruning when I have a chance. I'm in zone 8a. We have fairly mild winters but do have quick cold snaps that get below freezing. Sometimes it does stay below freezing for a few days and we can get down towards 0F on occasions. Some winters are exceptionally mild like this past one with hardly any nights that freeze but some winters can have bitter cold wet days, many in a row, freezing just about everything including pipes. Cheers to you, Geekgranny BTW... I do love the Sky Flower and hope to get more.

  • greenelbows1
    18 years ago

    When we first got here to Lafayette the UL-L campus had several Durantas breaking up a large expanse of wall on a classroom building; they must have been at least twenty feet high, and I was told they had been there for many years. Then we got a spell of cold weather, much colder than most people here could even remember, where the temperature stayed below freezing all day for three days and got down in the single digits some places at least one night. (We moved here from Nebraska and were amazed that that was making so much trouble, but of course we grew totally different plants there!) The durantas were never seen again. I have two, one with variegated foliage and the one you have, 'Geisha Girl', and they will get lots of protection this winter. I really like them and think they're well worth the extra trouble--tho' I don't know what I'd do if they got as big as those at UL!

  • stephclaire
    14 years ago

    I live in southwest Louisiana and have five geisha girl duranta in a bed. They are growing like crazy so I prune them occassionally for shape. The only problem is they dont flower very much. A few here and there . Is there something im suppose to fertilize them with to make them flower more???

  • Donna
    14 years ago

    I grew Cuban Gold last year for the first time. LOVE this plant. I cut it back from time to time to keep it at about three feet, by three feet, a nice, loose, rounded bush. This may be why I have not seen blooms, but I grow it for the foliage anyway. I knew it didn't have a prayer of making it through our winters, so late last summer, I took some cuttings and stuck them in potting soil. Kept them watered, and in just no time, they every one rooted. I grew them under fluorescent lights in my basement through the winter. Since I bought the original in a four inch pot, that's what I planted my cuttings in. This year, they're going into bigger pots.

  • elleenr_ntin_net
    11 years ago

    How posionous are the yellow berries on Duranta Repens? It is a nice shrub,
    but am wondering about usage in the garden.

  • odonnell_ca
    11 years ago

    I have a Duranta bush in a pot on my balcony in SoCal along with the tree version. The tree is doing great and attracts lots of hummingbirds. But the bush drops lots of blossoms, tiny black circular things/seeds and what look like seeds/dead blossoms. Very messy and the blossoms are almost gone. Lots of green things that look like future berries. There was some new growth but no new blossoms. Blossom drop en mass whenever I water but when I don't water it looks dry and thirsty. Any advice?

  • Donna
    11 years ago

    Water the plant and sweep the balcony. I'm not trying to be smart, that's just what I would do.

  • lorraine_lang
    5 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if you can replant a sky flower wanting to move the position in my garden

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