NEW: Spring Forward Vine & Herb Swap

7 years ago

With a twist - A Wild Card! Three of the packs of seeds will be any type of plants you wish!


Only one pack of Morning Glories is allowed.

Only three packs of the same type of seeds are allowed.

Minimum 10 seeds per pack.

Send 25+ packs of seeds to me - Whatever you send will be the amount I will return to you. Use a bubble mailer - That is what I will be sending your seeds back to you in.

Please include a return label with your address on it, this will really help me out.

Include what postage it cost you to send, plus one extra stamp - This should be enough to cover it in case I want to include something special. *Hint Hint*

Include a list of what you have sent to me so I can make sure to send you totally different seeds. If you would like to send me a wish list, I will do the best I can to fulfill it. No seeds older than 2012.

When I have all of the seeds I will mix them all and divide them up to send back to you. Any additional seeds welcome.

Deadline to get the seeds to me is March 31. I will get your new seeds out no later than April 15.

Please respond here if you are interested. Remember the more unusual or rare, the better!

Send seeds to:

Stacy Leverette
c/o Spring Forward
755 Grant St.
Lawrence KS 66044

Let's Have Some Fun!


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