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Randia Formosa 'Blackberry Jam Fruit' opinion

January 19, 2009

The description of this fruit made it on my "Must Have" list. Black berry jam- yum!

I bought this plant as a seedling plant. It is a pretty plant, nice flowers. Seem to fruit easily, but took forever to get ripe. Finally one fruit got ripe and I could try this long awaited prize.....

Don't bother.

I guess it is "like" blackberry jam because it is 99.5% seeds and the pulp it does have is black. There was so little pulp that I could hardly find a taste to it, as I was trying to spit out all those seeds.

Anyone else taste this fruit.....was that just a bad one?

Comments (2)

  • trini1trini

    I agree with you. There is not much to taste unless a person likes sucking on seeds. Pretty plant but not really impressive when it comes to eating the fruit.

  • zinfl

    I had the same impression: it has blackberry jam flavor, but it
    is just a hint, with mostly hard seeds in a tiny fruit. Hardly worth eating
    except as a novelty. But the flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Remember,
    wild bananas started out mostly seeds and not a sweet flavor.

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