Question: how to germinate cacao seeds?

14 years ago

Hi everyone. I got led here by searching Google for the subject above and one reference was to some dialogues on this forum. However these posts were back in February from what I can tell. So I am starting a new "thread". Hopefully this will somehow reach those who can help me. Older posts searched on this forum also had lots of people with questions about how to grow cacao from seed, but they were just that, questions! I didn't see any ANSWERS!

OK. I just got in some fresh (very fresh) cacao fruits from my buddy in Brazil. This is my second time to try this and my first time was a complete failure. I am determined this time to succeed! For one thing I am in a better season now, with the days getting longer and warmer here in Washington (Spokane).

It may be that germinating cacao is as hard as falling off the proverbial log. Because I have read they (the seeds) germinate INSIDE the fruit! But I want to grow mine outside of the fruit! LOL.

So please anybody, HELP! If you are all really good at helping me I'll even share some of my seeds. But I need to get them into the soil and going as they have a short period of viability, so I've been told.

Again thanks. Hoping this gets to that special person who "knows how", I remain, yours truly, Breck

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