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need help deciding where and how to plant heliconia

honeybunny2 Fox
14 years ago

I will plant my new heliconia in Rockport Texas Zone 9a. I have purchased Rostrata, Jacquinii, Rauliniana, and Kawauchi. Can any of these be planted outside? I can plant next to the house in the shade, they would have some protection. I would like to plant them along the fence line, to use as a screen to block my neighbors yard, but there would not be any protection from a freeze. What is the lowest temp. they can take before they freeze? I will plant them in sugar sand, with alot of mulch, and top soil, will this be too heavy, or should I mix in some miracle grow potting soil to loosen it up? If you think this will not work, then I can plant them in hugh 15 gallon pots, and put them inside the garage during the winter, with the desert rose. I do not to have to worry about bouganvilla, banana, plumeria, bird of paradise, hibiscus, or gingers, these do not freeze. I also need to know how deep to plant them, they should arrive this week, and I am lost. This is my first time posting on this forum, but I think I need your help. Thanks, Barbra,

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