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At Excalibur Today-Poor Customer service

April 16, 2012

Well, this is a different kinda post I know...but I just couldn't let this go. I have been a faithful customer of Excalibur for years. Today I went over after about a year of no purchases...I foreclosed my last house and was renting until I could buy a new one. Luckily I landed a house and needed to start stocking it with plants. It was also my birthday this past week so my wife caved and let me purchase a few..I was greeted happily by Lynda as always and was turned over to a heavy-set man named Robert..He walked up like he didn't even care I was there mumbling under his breath.

I recalled him from the last time I was there purchasing plants and had the same experience but just thought he was having an off day. He had a piss-poor attitude the whole time. When I inquired about plants he didn't even give me complete intelligible sentences. I never saw such poor customer service in my entire life. How has this kid slid under the radar this long. My wife was ready to leave and didn't want me to buy any plants when she saw his behavior and lack of personal skills. He must be related to someone there because I have no idea how he has kept his job that long.....I would be more than happy to work at Excalibur (a dream job to me)...

Anyway I purchased a Jaboticaba 'Vexator', Peach 'Tropic Beauty', and an Sapodilla 'Alano'

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  • irun5k

    Sorry to hear about your problems- it is a shame when people don't take their job seriously and don't put 110% into it.

    Congrats though on the Alano. I ate two of them tonight. I've had Sapodillas several times before but oh my gosh were these ever delicious! It honestly tasted like someone took a pear and infused it with butter and brown sugar! I don't think I have ever had a fruit so rich.

  • johnb51

    I had to deal with same person when I went to Excalibur last month. You're right--totally no customer service skills. He acts like he hates his job and you, the customer. Kinda makes me want to never go back there again.

  • Andrew Scott

    I really wanted to visit this place if I made it to Fl this summer but this info has me not wanting to visit so much. How can they afford to keep someone like that if it affects there business? IF 2 people has similiar experiences, there must be more who also did.


  • mikesid

    I have been to Excalibur approx 20 times purchasing plants..The best time I had was when the workers who barely speak English drove me around..hard working and friendly..I also met a frequenter of this forum a couple years back...I believe his name was Sheehan whose screen name here is murhalin who was more than happy to help me out...Looks like I'll be calling up before I go over there and specify who I want to escort me through the fruit trees...or maybe I'll just beg Zill's to let me in...

  • jeffhagen

    That sucks. I think there are two guys named Robert who work there now. Which one is the difficult one?

  • johnb51

    He's very tall, very young, and quite a large guy. When I was there, he finally told an Hispanic young lady to help me out, like he was tired of me because I wanted to see too many trees. She, on the other hand, was very nice and helpful.

  • mikesid

    After posting this I was contacted by a rep and would like to say I am satisfied with the response. If you go to Excalibur just let Lynda know you would like someone who can assist you in choosing a plant and give specific advice. If anyone else has a bad experience just let them know, and like any professional business I am sure they will correct the problem.

  • jeffhagen

    OK. I know who you're talking about. The other Robert (Rob) has been a friendly fellow, so just wanted to confirm my suspicions.

    I'm glad that they followed up with you, Mike. Lynda has been very nice.

  • gnappi

    Going to Excalibur is a great experience for fruit lovers even if they had ten surly workers. It's worth a trip if you're here.

  • phantomcrab

    I had the same experience (Robert) in late February and really wondered why everyone gave Excalibur good reviews. The nursery itself is very interesting though.

  • plumeriafl

    I also have had discouraging experiences with the aforementioned gentleman, twice. He seemed fairly knowledgeable but made me to feel like an imposition on him. I ended up asking if I could just walk around the nursery myself without the golf cart, but was told no. I haven't looked forward to going back since then. Too bad, I love the selection of trees and want to learn more about varieties I could grow in my yard. I will still go back at some point, hopefully during mango season to try different varieties. I just don't look forward to it so much as I look forward to visiting my favorite nurseries, and that's a pity.

  • annonalvr

    I've had the same experience also. Even when I call on the phone I know who it is because of the lack of enthusiasm in his voice. I'm not sure I'll be going back there any more. It's a shame too because I really enjoyed going there in the past but with all the new smaller tropical fruit companies around here I would rather support them. The Wilson's need to fire him if all these complaints are accurate. This is just one forum so think of all the business they have lost.

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