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Three good plants not often seen for sale ...

There are a lot of fine plants that you don't often see at plant nurseries. Three plants that I love are blooming now and I thought perhaps you'd like to see them ... again. I've posted pictures of these before.

This is one of the hundreds of cultivars of the Bauhinia family, commonly called orchid trees, vines, etc.. I found this low, single trunk, spreading one on the back lot of Schumacher's Country Gardens when Chip was still owner. I originally had it in too much sun and it would wilt in the afteroons, but I moved it two years ago to a shady location, threw a blanket over it the last two winters and it's done fine. Unfortunately it doesn't set seed ...

It blooms for several weeks and the huge flowers last a day ...

Another find at Schumacher's quite a few years ago is Velvet Pod Mimosa, a small Texas native tree with small thorns. It's such a beautiful drought tolerant tree I don't know why it isn't offered in nurseries. When Chip had a propagation class I rooted a few cuttings and gave them away at the plant swap. It produces lots of seeds. I've mailed seeds to those wanting them, but never heard if anyone got them going ...

Rainbow Gardens used to offer Texas tea bush, another Texas native, but their supplier passed away and apparently no one else they buy from is producing it. However, it's available from a few mail order sites. I thought I had lost my plants in last winters freeze, but they came back very late. It blooms ALL summer long in full sun next to Velvet Pod Mimosa in the hell strip, but never produces seeds. Very drought tolerant; I've never seen it wilt ...

Do you have any not often offered plants you'd like to show us?

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  • ExoticRGVNativesTy

    Mike Heep's nursery in Harlingen is absolutely outstanding for rare native plants, including Texas Tea Bush. Here are some plants I have bought from him. They are small right now, but will turn into excellent specimens eventually.

    Jopoy (Esenbeckia runyonii) is a tropicalesque tree with large leaves that resemble those of a ficus.

    Wissadula parvifolia was described as a new species in 2007. So far it has been a fast grower in my garden.

    Texas Lignum-vitae or Guayacan (Guaiacum angustifolium) is a small tree with narrow leaves and orchid-like purple flowers.


  • Vulture61

    Thank you for sharing! Those are very interesting plants.

    Roselee, if you sent me a rooted start of your mimosa, I promise I'll keep you posted! ;D


  • roselee z8b S.W. Texas

    Exotic Natives, I loved hearing about your exotic plants and found good links for a couple of them:



    Fascinating! Keep us posted on them. One of the links mentions Mike Heep's nursery. Sounds like a fabulous nursery to visit. By the way, your choice of mulch is very creative :-) Love it!

    Omar, if I ever get rooted cuttings of Velvet pod mimosa you'll be the first to know. I've never tried to root it except at the Chip's class where he kept our cuttings under a mist system until they rooted. I'm going to suggest having a rooting class the new owner, Andrea.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Mike Heep's nursery in Harlingen

  • ogrose_tx

    Thanks for the pictures, this is opening up a whole new world for me, am really getting interested!

  • debbiep_gw

    Rosalee,you sent me seeds of the velvet pod mimosa last summer or the summer before.I now how a couple of 1ft or so tall ones in pots.I just got them to germinate this year.So I have some here in Ga.I plan to put them in the garden in the fall.

  • roselee z8b S.W. Texas

    Debbie, I'm so glad to hear that you got some going. Plant it in full all day blasting hot sun. That's what it likes :-)

    Also I read on line that it likes alkaline soil (of which I have more than enough!), but if your soil is acid you might want to add some lime or what ever you do to raise the soil's pH.

    If anyone wants seeds let me know in a couple of months and I'll send some to you.

    Happy growing!

  • Vulture61

    Thank you, Roselee. I browsed the net looking for it and I couldn't find anybody selling it.

    AKA the one who said he didn't want any more plants (so much for a resolution..)

  • rock_oak_deer

    Found this in a FB album and had a good laugh.

    Not a serious concern around here, but I do try not to buy too many at once so he doesn't get overworked planting them.

    Here is a link that might be useful: If I buy any more plants.....

  • roselee z8b S.W. Texas

    That' a good one ... LOL.

    I like this one seen at Lakehills Trading Post:



  • ibheri

    Lovely pictures Roselee. Loved the Mimosa. Coincidentally I was reading Native Texas Plants: Landscaping region by region - Sally Wasowski and liked the pictures of mimosa. Glad I could see a close up of it from your garden. Thank you for sharing.

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