Anyone live near the Compton's oak in Williamsburg, Va?

6 years ago

Either the Ghirardi oak or the Champion Comton's oak in Williamsburg, Va. If you are near it or near enough to drive to it in fall and collect acorns in fall. This is not the pure Live oak in Williamsburg, Va, but it's a hybrid between Live oak and Overcup oak. There is one that is huge and of course old, in Williamsburg, Va. I hope there is a sign by it. If someone could gather some acorns from under the Compton's oak in fall, and get ripe, Tan colored, likely on the ground, but with no holes in them. I don't know if they fall in September, October or November. Even late August. If someone can collect some, no more than 25 or 30, though, I'm not rich. I will pay 50 cents an acorn. Only someone who will get the right acorns, if you aren't sure, get help to ID the right tree. I hope someone can do this.

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