Comparison of MH and LED light for mango growth

9 years ago


This maybe a subject that only interest those northern mango lovers. We just can't plant a mango in our yard and use the mother nature sun light.

I have a Lancetilla mango that is growing like a weed for me. It's quickly overgrowing my 1000W MH growth light, well, at least outgrow the portion that it deserves. So only half the mango tree is under the 1000W light. The other half is shaded. A week ago, I added a LED growth light just for the remaining half. The MH side light density is twice the LED side.

The LED side is growing really differently than the MH light portion. The new growth on the LED side is so much more compact, there is very little stretch between the nodes, at least twice as compact. Plus the tender growth hardens off a lot faster, for a mango, I mean the new growth thickens up. It took over a week under my MH light to harden off a new growth, but for LED, it took 3 days to reach the same stage. The leaves are still drooping, but just very thick and fat. Finally the LED side leaves are much bigger.

I will try to take a picture recently.

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