Why do Amethyst Falls Wisteria flowers smell like cat urine

8 years ago

I tried to post this message last week for some reason it didn't post.

I bought two Amethyst Falls Wisteria from a local nursery. I already have native wisteria growing but these said they bloom a couple times a year, so thought I'd try them.

We smelled cat pee within minutes of having them in the truck with us. It is HORRIBLE. I had them indoors at night for several nights before planting and they stunk up the whole house.

I've been around wisteria my whole life and it has one of the best smelling flowers I've ever smelled. What happened to this plant?

The flowers that were on them have now died, I hate to say I'm also thankful because while pretty the smell was too much. A few times I smelled the sweet smell of wisteria but mostly just a strong cat urine smell.

We didn't get them cheap, so I sure don't want to just destroy the plants. I don't understand how a wisteria smells this way.

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