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tomato plants getting way too tall

11 years ago

So I did not plan well at all, this is my second year at growing tomatoes, last year was a disaster so I had no success. This year all my heirlooms are reaching for the sun, I planted them in late march and they are setting fruit like crazy and starting to ripen.

My problem is they are over 7 feet tall, out grown the junky 54inch cages and the limbs are breaking off and cages are wanting to topple over. I have secured the cages to a near by fence so they wont fall over. I am tying the limbs up to the fence to hold them up straight but they are taller than the fence now.

from what i am aware i have a really long season and almost no frost where im at till december.

what should i do?

Should i top them?

Is it normal to grow to 7ft in 3 months time?

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