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Banana plunking question and Loquats from seed...

15 years ago

Two questions. A neighbor gave me 5 or 6 bananas, about 2 feet tall with new growth emerging and a big root ball each (and soil on the rootball). I couldn't plant them tonight (although I think they have been lying on top of her flowerbed for a day already) and so I stuck 3 in a bucket of water. That's all I could fit; the two largest are just sitting beside it up against a fence. I'll try to get them in the ground tomorrow. We've been having breezy (but humid) overcast weather so it's not too bad out there right now.

I know they need sun but how do they feel about wet feet? Can I just plunk them pretty much where I want? Do you have any suggestions or warnings? How successful do you think these will be after being out of the ground a couple days?

I have a bagful of fresh\-picked loquats and I'm thinking about trying to grow some from seed. If I get a healthy one, maybe one day I will put it in my yard. Sometimes I don't like how they look in people's yards, but I've noticed that's when they don't train them well into a tree and let lots of foliage remain around the trunk. I have seen a loquat tree more than once that I thought was handsome. Anyone here grow loquats? Do you have any wisdom for me? Especially if you've managed to grow one from seed. I'm I supposed to dry out the seed first, or what?

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