Do's and don'ts of making bottle trees ...

My friend Linda M. has some very sound instructions on making bottle trees:

~ ~ ~

OK, Here ya have it.......the DO's and DON'TS

of bottle trees! LOL

#1. MAKE SURE the tree is dead first!

#2. Re-check tree is dead for sure!

#3. Have a responsible adult double check for you

if you are a blonde/gray senior!

Ditsy blonde/gray woman..........Linda

She goes on to say:

~ ~ ~

I cannot wait to see how they turn into little dried torches inside those HOT bottles on 100 degree days and maybe explode! ha ha ha ha

Right now there is condensation inside every bottle and they are nice and green as if in little terrariums -- all happy for now until they get too big for their bottles and the temps soar.

What is HYSTERICAL is this crape myrtle is called Dynamite!

I checked that tree in 3 areas before declaring it dead! ha

The 3 branches I checked were dead but NOT THE REST!

Oh, poor tree.

But those bottles are not coming off! I worked too hard to get them on there.

~ ~ ~

Linda and all, we've all had problems this year trying to tell if something is really dead before yanking it out, but I think it's going to be very special bottle tree. Just imagine how gorgeous it is going to look with red flowers blooming below the bottles, which are sparkling in the sun. It will certainly be one of a kind -- just like some people we know and love! I can't wait to see it :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: More about bottle trees: Felder Rushing ...

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