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Why are weeds growing in my rock beds?

8 years ago

I live near Pittsburgh and last summer we did landscaping around our house. We killed the grass, laid plastic landscaping barrier over it, planted shrubs and filled the area in with decorative landscape rocks.

However, a year later, the thing is over-run with weeds. I knew there would always be some weed-pulling involved but this seems uncontrollable. My brother-in-law (who is no garden expert) says because we don't get our yard professionally treated and there are weeds in our yard, the roots and seeds get blown into the rocks and that's why we have so many weeds. He lives 3 miles down the road, gets his yard professionally done and has 0 weeds in his rocks. Could he be right?

So, my questions are:

1. Why are so many of these weeds growing?
2. What is the easiest way to get rid of these weeds other than hand-picking them which honestly would probably take about 20 hours.
3. How can I prevent future weeds from growing. I look at my neighbors' rock beds and there are never any weeds at all. Is it because they treat their yards?

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