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What Happened to all my Weigela this Spring/Winter?

16 years ago

I am baffled. I have three different types of Weigela (three of one kind and one each of two other types). This past winter, one died, and the other four look like they are half dead. Half of the branches are brown and dry the other half have leaves on them.

What happened, and what should I do? I am thinking that if I cut out what has died out, the shrub will look "funny", because in some cases, it looks like one side of the shrub is living, while the other side is dead. Should I just dig out and replace or give them a chance?

If I think back..... we had a few days in January where the temperatures got into the upper 40s/lower 50s. Could this have "hurt" them?

What do you think? Anyone else have this problem this year, too?


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