wren eggs in box without nest

July 11, 2008

I haven't posted here in a long time, mainly because we were without bluebirds for the last three years. However, they returned this spring and their first five eggs were destroyed by the wrens. We removed the nest, the wrens relocated themselves and the blues built a second nest that fledged four babies. The blues had a third nest built and the wrens started putting twigs on top of it again. We have been in a constant battle with the wrens for the last week. They made such a mess of the bluebird nest that we had to remove that also (I do not believe that the blues would have returned to it anyway). We do not have a wren guard.

The situation is this now - there are a few twigs in the box and the wren has laid her egg on the bare bottom of the box. We do not want the wrens to be there, but can we remove the egg even though there is no real nest in there?

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