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NEW: Incredible Heirlooms Totally Tomatoes January Sign Up

13 years ago

Hello there! Welcome to the Incredible Edibles Heirlooms first swap, "Totally Tomatoes" January Swap! All are welcome! Oldies and Newbies!

Of course, this is a swap of tomato seeds only. Please only send tomato seeds that are heirlooms and/or OP's, non-hybids.

This will be a mass swap, where everyone will send in all their seeds to me, I will sort, and then resend.

Please send your seeds in a BUBBLE MAILER ONLY! You do not need to send an extra envelope. I will reuse the envelope that you sent me your seeds in, which will save you time and money!

In the envelope, please include:

1. Your seeds of course

2. A label with your address on it for me to put on your envelope

3. $2-3 for the postage. You can send stamps if you like, but I thought it would be easier just to bring all the envelopes to the PO and have them all weighted and paid for at the same time. If you are sending a big envelope with lots of seeds, you may want to send closer to $3, otherwise, I think $2 should cover it.

4. A list of all the seeds you are GIVING. You may also send a list of some of your wants or preference of types of tomato seeds you would like back. THERE ARE NO GARANTEES THAT YOU WILL RECIEVE ALL YOUR REQUESTS! Although, I will work hard to give you what I can. It all depends on what is sent in for me to send back out.

~Instead of swapping whole packets, I would like to swap for smaller amounts of 12-15 seeds each packet, so there will be a bigger and better selection of seeds for me to send out to you all.

You can either send me in your whole packs, and I will split them up myself, OR , You can divide them up into packets of 12-15 yourself then send them to me (perferred!)

If you do send in a whole packet,I will not count it as only one pack, but as however many packets it makes. Example, if your whole packet that you sent to me makes 4 12-15 seeded packets, I will count that as 4 packets/trades.

12-15 seeds will count as one trade each! However, some seeds are better than no seeds, so if you have only 4 or 5 seeds of something, you can send them in too.

~ PLease send seeds that have an expiration within the years of 2008, 2009. Seeds that expired this year are ok!

~ On your packet labels, please include the following info:

1. Tomato Variety Name

2. # of Seeds in Packet

3. Whether they are comercial(company name)or if they were hand collected!!!!!

4. Your GW Name (This will help me not too send you back your own seeds!)

~ I will try to award seeds fairly. The more variety you send, the more variety you will get back. The more interesting your seeds are, the more interesting seeds I will try to get back to you if I can.

Multiple packs of the same variety are ok to send in to a certain extent. If you send me 20 packs of the same one tomato, you might get back some doubles too. I will do my best to not do so. Again, it depends on what is sent in.

~ Seeds need to be recieved by me by January 24th, 2009. That should give us all plenty of time to get over the holidays and maybe get some new seed catalogs in the mail.

I will send out your seeds by February 24th, 2009. If I receive seeds earlier or on time, I may be able to get them out sooner than that.

~If you would like to send in a few extra envelopes/labels to help me in the redistributing process, feel free to do so. This is not important, I seem to be well stocked, but if you do send some in, I promise to send you a little something extra!

I will be storing the seeds in a binder that uses the baseball card sized inserts to hold them in place. So it would be nice if you are preparing your own seed, that you send them in a small enough envie to fit into my binder.

Woosh! I hope I mentioned everything! I have a problem of writing too much! But I hope that makes it easy for you to understand everything. This is going to be a really fun opening swap for the Incredible Heirlooms! Please come and join in the fun! Any questions, just ask!

Ooh, I almost forgot! Once you sign up, please send me an email if you can so I can send you my address!

Thanks everybody! Lets have some fun! Christy

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