Wolf Range/oven suddenly has a 'flaky' oven... thermostat broke?

January 10, 2012

In my 48" Wolf dual fuel range/oven (DF486G) I have two ovens; a smaller one on the left side and a larger one on the right side. Both have performed nearly perfectly for 6 years. In the last week, the right side oven seems to have a

thermostat issue. It basically stops heating once it reaches ~350, no matter what temperature setting I have adjusted the

knob to. To diagnose the problem, I took some temperature readings using a standard oven thermometer (all metal) over a 40 min period for each oven separately. Over the 40 min period, I adjusted the temperature setting from 400 then 450 and finally 500. I first tested the smaller left side oven which is and has always been working properly... these measurements can be used to compare to the faulty oven's measurements.

To me, the issue is either A) a bad thermostat (seems more likely) or B) a faulty heating element that won't heat the oven up past 350 anymore (seems less likely).

Anyone have any comments on this? How can I better identify the problem? What part or parts do I need to replace to fix this? Is there just a simple way to recalibrate the oven? Thanks in advance for any help!

Please check 'oven test data' link below for the test results. Thanks!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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