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Pros and cons of slide in ranges

January 13, 2008

I am looking into replacing a "regular" range with a slide in electric convection range with warming element & seran (sp?)top. (eyeballing a Frigidaire). I like the looks better than ones with a "backsplash" as one salesman put it, and other ranges I had I hated because spills run down the sides and need to pull the range out to clean. I don't like reaching over hot elements to turn them off. These are the pros to me.

I have been told I need to put a tile backsplash on the wall behind it. A kind of brushed metal plate (not tile)has also been suggested. (I had plain wall behind the cooktop in the old house and had no problems. I've also been told heat reflected back from tiles can negatively affect the warranty of the stove top elements?

Any suggestions of other things to consider? Anyone have a slide in and hate it? Any comments on whether the door gasket is on the door or the oven itself?

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  • piasano

    I don't have any advice for you, but I am wondering what the general consensus will be, too!

    We are building a house soon, and I only just started thinking about appliances.

    This will be interesting!


  • eandhl

    Another consideration when you are replacing a freestanding range with a slidein is you will need a piece of counter behind the range to the wall. Slideins do not go all the way back to the wall like freestanding. Over the yrs I have had 2 slideins and liked them. I did find no range fit the cut out of my JennAir exactly when I wanted to put a new range in 5 yrs ago. One thing led to another and I ended up to a total remodel.

  • artemiss

    I've had my slide in range for a couple of years. The countertop was replaced at the same time. A narrow granite bridge piece was placed behind the back edge of the smoothtop and both the range and the counter were carefully leveled..very important with a smoothtop.

    We went without backsplash for a over a year after getting the range and countertop. The wall behind the range did get messy and needed to be cleaned after each cooking session. We finally decided on backsplash tile and installed it ourselves. There is no reflected heat from the tile whatsoever, and I don't see a disclaimer in my warranty information. Where did you hear this?

    I like the contemporary look of the slide in with the controls at the front of the range. It's a GE with large SS knobs, giving it a little pro range look.

  • leel

    I had had a double decker range (2 ovens, one on top, which are no longer made--unfortunately)& replaced it with a slide in & vent overhead. Had a tile wall put in behind/over it. I like it very much and do particularly like the sleek effect with controls in front. I never liked the idea of reaching over heat to control my stove! I have a DCS 30" 5 burner, and don't have a problem with things falling between countertop & range.

  • twogreysandamutt

    eandhl, I am getting new cabinets, so a new countertop is on the way. One salesman told me their brand fits in all the way back to the wall (same guy who said tile could void the warranty and made comments that made me doubt he knows much about what he's selling, although the one we were looking at did seem deeper than others) but others I have seen in a cabinet setting used a bridge.

    artemiss, Don't know what you mean by SS knobs. Are your controls at the front (on top) or at the front (same side as oven door? 2) Do you have little kids in the house? The reason I ask is that I had a range with controls above the oven door, and just bumping them was enough to turn burners on. Thanks for the info on the backsplash.

    Another general question: Anyone have digitally controlled elements? I loved them in my cooktop, but everyone keeps telling me they are WAY expensive if repairs are needed. They also seem to add about $400 to the price!

  • artemiss

    twogreys, I meant stainless steel knobs..sorry for the shorthand! And yes, the controls are at the front but are angled up, so they are not as accessible for kids or as bumpable as knobs directly on the front would be.

    The four main elements are controlled by the knobs, but the warming element (in the middle of the cooktop) and the oven are controlled digitally.

    As far as the unit fitting all the way to the back wall, I don't think I saw any models like that. Although the glass top gets warm, not hot like the burner areas, I doubt that it should touch dry wall. What sort of backsplash material does that salesman think you should have?

  • bert64

    I also have a slide-in GE profile and have had no problems whatsoever. When we built our home we had just the bare walls for about 2 yrs before we tiled the wall--no heat from them at all and my stove went almost to the wall(it vented out the back)different from those that are available now. Our stove is about 10yrs old and we are replacing it this fall and I am getting another slide-in.

  • twogreysandamutt

    artemiss, Did you have a backsplash as part of your countertop before and/or after tiling? If so, how did the did you handle the backsplash behind the slidein?

    I had thought to stop the countertop backsplash for the width of the slide in and tile that area later. My cabinetmaker tells me I HAVE to have something between the stove and the wall for insurance purposes, and he won't do the job if there is no barrier between the stove and the wall. (I'm playing by Canadian rules.)

    I seem to have three options: buy a slidein backsplash (I've only seen them in one store), put up tile immediately, or pay extra to have the countertop done in 3 pieces instead of two. Are there other options?

    Sorry for the extra questions, but I thought I knew how to handle the backsplash behind the range by having none! :-) What the salespeople don't tell you!

  • lsst

    I have a KitchenAid smooth top slide in.

    We had a 4 inch granite backsplash that we just removed as we are going to do a tile backsplash. We do have a strip of granite counter behind it.

    The only thing that bothers me is that the knobs are on the front above the oven door and if we do bump the knobs, it does turn on. They are not angled enough.

  • artemiss

    My GE slide-in, granite c-top and full height tile backsplash were all replacements..for an older Kenmore slide-in and a formica c-top with integrated 4" backsplash. The original formica counter had a cut-out that fit the slide-in. When I replaced everything, my granite was cut to fit the cabinets that flanked the new range. The gap at the back of the rangetop was filled with granite cut to fit flush to the wall between 2 large pieces.

    I suggest you get an extra piece of c-top cut to fit behind your slide-in. It will look the best that way and when you compare the cost to the expense of your new appliances, it will help put it in perspective. Have this little detail done right, it's worth it.

    Good luck getting your kitchen just the way you want it! Isn't it amazing how much you have to learn about all this yourself?

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