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Pros and cons of slide in ranges

15 years ago

I am looking into replacing a "regular" range with a slide in electric convection range with warming element & seran (sp?)top. (eyeballing a Frigidaire). I like the looks better than ones with a "backsplash" as one salesman put it, and other ranges I had I hated because spills run down the sides and need to pull the range out to clean. I don't like reaching over hot elements to turn them off. These are the pros to me.

I have been told I need to put a tile backsplash on the wall behind it. A kind of brushed metal plate (not tile)has also been suggested. (I had plain wall behind the cooktop in the old house and had no problems. I've also been told heat reflected back from tiles can negatively affect the warranty of the stove top elements?

Any suggestions of other things to consider? Anyone have a slide in and hate it? Any comments on whether the door gasket is on the door or the oven itself?

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