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about to take the plunge and buy an nxr! anyone know bake btus?

January 12, 2009

After much agonizing research and budget-wringing, we've decided to be the guinea pigs and purchase a new 30" AG NXR range. It has 4x 15k burners (nice stacked ones!!!) and a 16.5k broiler, but the specs say NOTHING about the bake element BTUs, whether it's true convection or not, nothing.... Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you!

And we'll definitely report back on the range. You've all been so helpful here on other brands and I know several of you have considered the NXR. So we'll let you know... We saw the older model (NRG3001) in person, next to Capital, Thermador, Five Star, Bertazzoni, etc and it seemed pretty well built. A bit cheaper build, and not quite so refined in fit and finish as Thermador & Bertazzoni, but certainly much more substantial than, say, Fisher & Paykel, GE Cafe, etc. The oven racks are super-beefy and have the rolled front edge, and the burners look fabulous. Blue enamel interior is pretty sexy, too.


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  • guadalupe

    I have been told it is 22,000 btu

  • mistermackie

    Yeah - bake burner is 22K BTUs. Just got one last week and am loving it. It is true convection, as in there is a convection fan on the inside that circulates air when baking (switch on the right of the control panel). Agree that the finish is a little less refined than the Thermador we were looking at side by side, but the construction seems rock solid, and the performance is as good as anything in its class.

    The local distributor has sold about a half a dozen, and said not a single complaint - in fact, quite the opposite. He's heard so many compliments about the NXR ranges he's sold, he's setting up a phone list so that tenative buyers can get first-hand accounts from people who have them. I know after a week I'd give a glowing review.

  • staceyinmaine

    Hey thanks mistermackie! That makes me breathe a little easier. I am really excited, and also REALLY glad that decision is over. Man, who knew it woulod be so difficult to choose a kitchen range? I have been having stove nightmares all week :)
    I called the distributor for the northeast and he confirmed it's 22,000 btu bake element, but not "true" convection, or european convection, which has a seperate heating element back with the fan, I guess. I am fine with the regular sort of convection, though.
    Do you have the NRG3001 or the DRGB3001? We are getting the latter. What hood do you have and are you happy with it? One salesman told me 460cfm would be OK but it seems 600 would be better. I can get a discontinued Dacor low profile for $500 that I am considering.

  • mistermackie

    I got the DRG - we were lucky enough to have the new regional distributor here in town, so it only cost $1999.

    We didn't upgrade our hood - because of the house layout, we're stuck with a recirculating OTR microwave. The NXR seems to be well insulated, because things like broiling steak or searing meats that used to trip the smoke alarms haven't so far.

  • staceyinmaine

    Great, thanks. Are you in Austin by any chance? The distributor there has great prices and seems very nice.

  • mistermackie

    Yes, I am in Austin - seeing and talking to the distributor helped qualm any concerns I had being a guinea pig for a new product. That, and they offer a 5 year extended warranty for around $130. The price was $500 cheaper than I could find anywhere else.

  • ed1matthew

    Saw it considered it, Made in China, not sure what their future is. Sometimes if the price is too low...
    I am fixating on the Capital as the one to beat. True engineering firm with features that have raised the bar.
    I am looking for any owners that have experience. Especially with their InfraQ grill. Going to buy this weekend and would just like a little comfort

  • staceyinmaine

    We looked at a Capital right next to the NXR and decided on the NXR. While fit and finish was a little slicker on the Capital, NXR's burners looked superior (stacked type with the low simmer on top, as opposed to the Capitol's plain single burners.) Also, the Capital had horrendous peeling enamel on the bottom plate of the oven. Probably was just that one unit, but it worried me. All in all, we felt that th4e extra $750 was not justified between the two. The Capitol's broiler looked better put together, though (both are infrared type) and the oven BTUs are higher. But we weren't sufficiently wow-ed by it to soend the extra.
    Service will be performed by ADCO, which is a very long-lived and reputable service company from what I hear.

  • mahanica

    We just bought the NXR from aj madison online. Awesome experience. The installation was for $60 !!!!! White glove delivery.
    The range is my dream come true ! I purchased it without seeing it. Just researched all info on it via forums and websites. (not that there is much out there on this range to go by....hence my post).
    Burners are beautiful ! Double stacked , they come apart for cleaning. Grates are heavy duty. Oven works great and the infra-red broiler is just amazing for grilling !
    cons :yes there is one maybe two...I find it hard to clean. The top is not one smooth piece of metal and food could get stuck in the grooves on the surface. It does not have self clean oven feature - something I don't really miss. ( my previous range did, and I remember using it once in the 5 yrs I owned that range). Oh, and there are no fancy controls or timers..I just use my microwave timer. All in all gets a 9 out of 10 !

  • congers

    I had my DRGB3001 delivered and it's great looking. It will be a job to keep the SS looking absolutely clean and shining. Already have a few scratches, ouch!

    Did you bother to get an extended warranty?

  • bumblebee09

    Would love to hear more feedback from those who have lived with their new NXR range because I'm seriously thinking of buying one without seeing it in person (I live too far from a showroom). Also, do they scratch that easily?

  • eandhl

    A friend has asked me to help her select a range. Can someone tell me the difference between the NRG3001 or the DRGB3001? The compare on AJ Madison isn't working. TIA

  • congers

    The difference is only cosmetic. The oven door handle is the only difference. I like the DRGB3001 front handle with the straight (no angle) look.

    As others stated on this forum the fit and finish is not comparable to the costlier pro ranges. I've had mine for a month and have yet to use the oven but overall it is a solid range. The stainless steel requires daily cleaning if you hate smudges and stains.

    You'll need 30" to install the range, it's a tight fit.

  • ajlaine

    So, some time has gone by - are you still happy with the NXR? I'm considering the 36", and would love to hear your thoughts after a few months!

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