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Roommate's cat not wanted

16 years ago

Hi, so i have a small problem, long story. My roomate and i live in a small 2 bedroom with kitchen, 1 bath, & NO living/common area. We have been living together since aug 05 and before we decided to live together we stated that no pets would be allowed. Then in dec 06 she asks me if her boyfriends cat can now live with us since he is leaving the city in june 07. She said if she cant keep it here she would be forced to move out. I felt it was inconsiderate to put me in such a situation but didnt want to be the reason for her to move. I unwillingly told her we could have a trail period in jan and then decide again if i was uncomfortable. I have been left wondering for 2 mo if the cat was ever going to move in. Then she texted me out of the blue yesterday (2/27) telling me the cat is moving in that same day. I feel as though i was pressured to answer her back in dec since i was leaving on vacation taht same week and now i dont want the cat in the apt at all, i dont want a trial period. She says she will keep it in her room at all times but i cant imagine her bathing the cat in MY/our bathtub and finding cat hairs around. I never grew up with ANY pets and i never thought i would be living with one.

My question is how do i talk/explain my side to her without sounding rude or inconsiderate it wrong for me to regret my decision and if not, can i just tell her to get rid of the cat? Please help me deal with this situation. THank you so much!

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